Philosophy & Training


I ride hoses since about 20 years. At Gut Ising in Germany I learned all my basics in dressage, show jumping and cross country. Since about ten years I go to seminars and courses for trainers to broaden my equine horizont and give this experience to other people. I am professional horse trainer, but my learning is like a never ending story. The most important thing in my training with horses is to look into the horse and see the talents there are. I –as a professional- have to advance the horse with his own talents in a lovely, correct and consequent way of contact and training.



I have experiences in riding competitions in dressage and jumping till M-level, working and training at home till S-level. 

I am a mobile trainer and I travel to different places to give lessons and clinics for dressage riders, show jumpers and other people. 

I am also teaching rehabilitative concepts in theory and practical lessons.

In other countries I built up riding schools and work as an equestrian consultant.

From 2015-2017 I worked as the national trainer of the show jumping team of Turkmenistan which participates at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017.



Gut Ising, education/dressage/show jumping/country cross, Germany

Gestüt Schöner, dressage horses, Germany

Swarovski, dressage horses, Austria

RV Würzburg-Lengfeld, trainer of young riders, Germany

Own Equestrian Center in Germany close to the french border

Clinics in: Germany, Austria, France, US, Kazahstan, Iran, Turkmenistan 

Ashgabat, Trainer & consultant, Turkmenistan