Welcome in my training ...

About my clinics:

I offer my clinics and training concept whole over the world to every body how is interested in understanding and implementing the ideas of modern and healthy style of riding in dressage and show jumping.

In the clinics are theoretical parts as well as the practical lessons. It depends on what you want and which riders/horses there are. It is a whole concept of working in hand, biomechanics, seat exercises and individual training exercises for the horse. In show jumping I work in groups with max. 5 riders. In dressage I train in  single lessons - one by one.

The goal is to get a correctly trained, well balanced and motivated horse and a rider with a balanced smooth seat and a open mind for learn the correct aids to get a longterm partnership in equestrian sports.


Something general about clinics:

Clinics and lessons are extremely beneficial to a horse and rider's education, but they are different in several ways. A clinic is typically over 2-4 days long and full of education. In a clinic, you not only get your lessons, but you get all of the other riders' lessons as well. Another great benefit of a clinic is the opportunity to watch how the clinician works with various types of riders and horses. You will constantly be learning by watching everyone. These visual examples are priceless. 


A clinic can be challenging for some, because there is an audience. You are out there being an example, what to do or not to do. But so is everyone else. Along with the spectators it becomes like a show feeling. This to me is excellent preparation for showing. A clinic is the ideal situation for that. Riders and horses will experience and deal with nerves and focus in a competition like situation. 


During a clinic, there is lots of educational information being given in a short period of time. The riders and auditors need to be as open minded as possible to get the most out of it. Asking questions and taking notes is helpful. After the clinic, the riders and their trainers can put this new information into their lessons at home. The exercises can be ridden over and over at home until they are understood and perfected. 


Clinics can also be great markers for improvement. I enjoy seeing riders and horses return constantly at clinics and seeing how they've improved. Over the years, it is very rewarding to really observe this. For many riders this can be a goal to work for or a marker. They can feel and see the progress they and their horses have made over a few years and clinics. It is a remarkably gratifying feeling!


Master class clinics: Clinics for trainers and teachers are wonderful to get inspiration for their teaching. Often you find new ways or words to teach what you've been teaching. It can be refreshing. You may find a totally new way to solve a problem.